Survey Research Program

When Credibility is Crucial

Get customized, scientific data collection and analysis.

BBER’s experienced, highly trained researchers use advanced data collection systems and techniques to conduct surveys for public and private sector clients. For more than 30 years, the professionals in BBER’s Survey Research program have adhered to the rigorous standards set by the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers.

Our advanced methods of study design, sample selection, and mathematical analysis ensure your data will pass demanding tests like:

  • Publication in peer-reviewed, academic journals,

  • Testimony before legislators,

  • Cross examination in court proceedings, and

  • Close scrutiny by the media or interest groups.

Reach the right people in the right way.

BBER’s survey research team continually adapts their data collection methods to the changing context of communications. The goal is always to choose the formats that will prove most effective and affordable, whether a study is targeting businesses, average citizens, or hard-to-reach people. BBER’s capabilities include:


Connecting with the growing number of cell-only households through our state-of-the-art interview facility and Montana-based workforce.

Sending well-designed questionnaires that deliver high response rates and dependable results.

Developing interactive online survey tools with multimedia capabilities to engage your target audience in new and exciting ways.

Tap the expertise of Montanans well-versed in the issues of our state and the Pacific Northwest region.

Backed by the resources of the University of Montana, BBER designs studies in a variety of subject areas for respected government and corporate clients. Past projects include:

  • Health Insurance study

  • Native American businesses

  • Montana State Parks

  • Surveys for the Montana Department of Transportation