Survey Research Program


Surveying the State of Health Insurance

Over the next decade, the Affordable Care Act will transform the health care landscape each year as new provisions take effect. In a quest to understand the challenges ahead in providing health insurance to Montanans, Monica Lindeen, the state’s Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, sought the help of the Survey Research Center at the University of Montana-Missoula Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Read more.

Hearing Every Voice

BBER surveys help policymakers understand the true preferences of the public. Professor Tyron Venn partnered with BBER’s Survey Research team to conduct a mail survey that asked 1,500 people to weigh in on approximately 16 choices related to weed control in public areas. The data collection process was designed by John Baldridge, director of Survey Development, and Jim Sylvester, director of Survey Operations.Read More

Surveying the Wild on the Web

The Internet has made it easy and inexpensive for the average person to type up a survey, post it online, and get feedback in a flash. But while do-it-yourself surveys may be convenient, they are no substitute for the scientifically rigorous data collection systems developed by BBER’s survey research team. Public and private sector clients who need to meet a higher standard can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to research. However, they can realize some cost savings and multi-media options with sophisticated online surveys. Read more.