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About the Program

Economic Analysis is at the heart of everything we do at the Bureau of Business and Economic Research. Since 1948 its staff and experts have a record of accomplishments in gathering and interpreting economic data that has helped policymakers make better decisions. Read more.

Industry Studies

The Bureau has been a reliable source of analysis and expertise on a wide range of industries important to the Montana economy, including transportation, manufacturing, electric and other utilities, as well as specific industries such as micro-brewing, snowmobiling and recreation, and gaming. Health care, energy and natural resources, and forest products industry research have grown to become research programs in their own right.

Research Team

The Bureau’s research team brings decades of experience in economic forecasting and policy research both in the private and public sector. See bios.

Impact Studies

The BBER has recently expanded its capabilities in conducting economic impact analysis, which can provide insights on how state and local economies will react to events, policies, and investments. These studies not only provide quantitative information on income, jobs, and production changes that can occur, but also help illustrate the interactions between sectors of the economy.

Economic Outlook

For 39 years the Bureau has conducted half-day programs in the late winter and early spring in cities across Montana to discuss the outlook for the global, national, state, and local economies. Those efforts have recently expanded to a series of breakfast and lunch programs during the summer to update the outlook, conducted in cooperation with the Montana Chamber of Commerce.