BBER Natural Resources and
Energy Research Program


Measuring Montana's Energy Prospects

Power your decisions with reliable economic data on high-impact industries.

Energy and mining represent nearly 20 percent of what drives Montana's economy. Natural resource development, if responsibly managed, has the potential to reshape the trajectory of the state's economic growth. The UM BBER's new Natural Resources and Energy Research Program examines the trends, issues, and factors affecting the outlook for one of the most dynamic and highest paying sectors in the Montana economy. See "Assessing the Impact of Energy Development for Montana."

Uncover answers to your most important questions about projects in natural resources and energy. Our experienced research team can provide:

• Impact analysis

• Feasibility studies

• Regional forecasting

• Industry studies

• Market research

• Labor supply analysis

• Sentiment surveys

• Community assessment

• Press interviews

• Tax and public policy analysis

• Consultant to state and
  local government