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State and County Forecasts

Each year, Bureau economists collect and analyze economic data to provide local, state, and national forecasts. Economists present their findings at the Bureau's annual Economic Outlook Seminars held in a variety of communities throughout the state.


Compiled by the BBER from the Bureau of Labor Statistic's Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, are graphs and tables of employment data at both the state and county level. County Details | Growth Comparisons | State Employment | Manufacturing Employment | Construction Employment | Retail Employment | Montana Employment

Personal Income

The amount of goods and services that people can afford is directly related to their personal income, therefore per capita personal income is a measure of economic well-being.

Consumer Price Index (CPI)

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the average change in the prices paid by urban consumers for a fixed basket of goods and services. Through the Consumer Expenditure Survey, the U.S. Department of Labor surveys consumers to find out what consumers buy and what share of consumer incomes are spent on each item. By law Montana uses the CPI in setting Cost-of-Living adjustments for County officials Salaries.

Timber Harvest Data

In cooperation with the Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station, the BBER has developed a new interactive tool allowing users to access timber harvest data at the county- and ownership-level for 5 western states.