Idaho Wood Products Directory

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            Primary wood
                        Plywood and Veneer
                        Post and Pole
                        Log Homes and log products
                        Cedar products
                        Bark products
                        Fuelwood and fuel products
            Pulp and Paper
                        Roundwood Pulp Chips, conversion facility
                        Pulp and paper mills
            Secondary wood products
                        Engineered wood products
                        Prefabricated buildings
                        Millwork, doors & windows
                        Pallets, stakes, containers
                        Signs, wood
                        Specialty wood products (incl: arts, crafts, musical, games, etc.)
                        Sporting goods, wood
            Furniture and fixtures
                        Furniture, primarily wood
                        Log Furniture
                        Cabinets and counter tops
                        Furniture, primarly non-wood
            Merchant Wholesaler

About the Idaho Wood Products Directory

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